Monday, January 4, 2010

The Magic of Lemon Stilton

Hidden treasure lies
Deep in the back of the fridge.
You just have to look.

A couple of nights ago, I suggested that my friend and partner-in-blogging, Debby, and I get together for a glass of wine. I suggested that we do it at her house, since she was temporarily sans children. Then I suggested that we drink her wine, since I was all out.

I almost suggested that she cook me dinner, too, but I knew not to push my luck.

Having arranged all of this, I began to feel a wee bit guilty about not contributing anything to our little gathering. I also knew I had nothing in the fridge to share, in light of days and days of snow and winter holiday break that kept me from stocking the shelves. But I desperately dug through the refrigerator wreckage anyway, only to discover — Ah Ha! Treasure!

The treasure was half a wedge of stilton cheese with lemon rind, or lemon stilton. It's delightfully refreshing and light-tasting because of the lemon, yet satisfying because it's - you know - cheese!
As an added bonus, it keeps in the fridge for a long time. (Because Debby reads this blog, too, I can't say how long it had been hiding back there. Let's just say it wasn't opened yesterday...)

I coupled the cheese with an unopened box of water crackers I found in the pantry (leftover from a party at Debby's house) and I was good to go!

I've also found it to be delicious with sliced pears — either red bartlett for a sweeter taste and some color, or with bosc, for a crisper finish.

For those of you who simply MUST have things in recipe format, here you go:

Sliced Pears with Lemon Stilton
One red bartlett or bosc pear
One small wedge of lemon stilton
water crackers (optional)

Slice the pear and the cheese. Top pear slice with cheese slice. Place on cracker if desired. Eat, smile, repeat.

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